Sunday, May 17, 2015

Carlos Gamboa - "A Brand-New Beginning"

I chose my father to do this interview because growing up, I'd hear small stories about his life in the Philippines when something related is mentioned. Now I get to listen to the full story behind it.
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He was also born and raised in the Philippines. His family did not have the best lifestyle but it all changed when he migrated.

The main characteristics to describe my father is being: family-orientated and dedicated. 

Video Order.

Part 1:  Introduction 

Part 2: America

Part 3: Homesickness/Family Obligations

Part 4: Citizenship

Part 5: Past, Present, and Future


Basic information about the interviewee.


Video is about the process of migrating, why migrated, and first impression of America.

Homesickness/Family Obligations

Things that made him miss the Philippines and how he dealt with it. His priorities with his family in two different area codes.


  Carlos described how he got his recognition as being part of America.

Past, Present, Future

 He describes how his job in America shaped his family's' lifestyle in the Philippines. Also his future plans after retiring.

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