Saturday, May 16, 2015

Kevin Kwong's In Search of An Better Tomorrow By EricHuang

"In Search of An Better Tomorrow" with Kevin Kwong

Interviewed by Eric Huang
English 100 AK

      I choose to interview my cousin, Kevin Kwong, since it was his father who started the chain migration that eventually brought my family over from China. Unfortunately, my uncle, Kuang Jiang Choi, has passed away, but Kevin agreed to be interviewed about the conditions and challenges my uncle faced to come to America.Although my interviewee is not of Filipino decent, the challenges  while immigrating here is very similar compared to the challenges many Filipino American faced, and Kevin revealed many of the reasons why my uncle chose to immigrate to America, and those reasons were similar to many of the Filipino immigrants.

Table of Contents
  1. Information about Kevin Kwong
  2. Introduction: Life in China
  3. Reasons For Immigration
  4. Settling in the U.S
  5. Life in America
  6. Opinion of Lifestyles in China vs. U.S.A
  7. Reflections

1.Information about Kevin Kwong

Kevin Kwong is a first generation born Chinese American, and he graduated from State University of California, East Bay with an Masters Degree in Public Administration. He was a former immigration specialist for the ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) for San Francisco, and he is currently a social worker.

 2. Introduction: Life in China

 In the introduction, Kevin talked about what it was like in China during my uncle's era, which was post World War II.

3. Reasons For Immigration

In this section,the concepts of Confucianism, gender, economic benefits and the opportunities of America is discussed.

3.Settling in the U.S

In this section, Kevin talks about the struggles and the process of settling in the United States, particularly San Francisco Chinatown.

4. Life in America

In this section, Kevin discuss about life in America, which brings up discrimination, education, financial problems and relations of the Chinese government versus American government. 

5. Opinion of Lifestyles in China v.s U.S.A

In this section, Kevin discuss about his opinion whether being born here or in China is more preferred

6. Reflections

Lastly, Kevin concludes with his opinion of the American Dream, and provides more background information.

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