Sunday, May 17, 2015

Rebecca Ferreras: Living the best of both worlds! by Almira Ferreras


Table of Contents

I- Introduction
II- Family Background and Life in the Philippines
III-  Leaving the Philippines and Life in the United States
IV- Continuation of Life in the United States and Reflections
V- Conclusions
VI- Her tours and Friends (Pictures)
VII- Appreciation



I've known Mrs. Rebecca M. Ferreras, my mother-in-law for almost 17 years now and I'm a witness of how she's been enjoying every minute of her stay here in the United States.   She migrated  in 1986 with her husband and became an American citizen in the 1990's.  For many Filipino Americans who live in Daly City, one of whom is my interviewee, living both the American and Filipino dream is a possibility; the best of both worlds is real and attainable.  

 Watch the video of my interview with her and see it for yourself.


Family background and life in the Philippines:



Leaving the Philippines and life in the United States:


Continuation of life in the United States and reflections:





Although my interviewee doesn't have the desire to go back to the Philippines anymore for the reasons that she mentioned in the interview, the Filipinoness embedded in Daly City, which is popularly known as “The Little Manila”, or “Pinoy Capital”, or “Filipino Nation”, makes it possible for Filipino Americans, like my mother-in-law, to live like they have the best of both worlds. 


Her tours and friends:



Thanks to Mrs. Rebecca M. Ferreras for sharing her life and experiences with me and the readers. 


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