Monday, May 18, 2015

Sam Abuneer "Expectations of Life", By Christian Koriganowitz

Sam Abuneer "Expectations of Life"
 By Christian Koriganowitz

Sam Abuneer is an old coworker of mine who is originally from Jordan. I worked with him in the food service industry for about 2 years. I met him when he had only been here for a month, as a visitor. He returned to his homeland for about half a year and is now back in the United States, applying for a work permit and eventually a citizenship. He is a first wave immigrant, who came for issues involving escaping corruption and striving for better living conditions and opportunity, currently residing in the Sunset District of San Francisco. 


1.              Intro/Overview
2.                  Comparisons
3. "The American Dream"
4.                     Conclusion

He states his name, age, place of origin, family background, and work history

He compares the United States and Jordan over the issues of working situations, family life, social life, and school systems.

He goes over the things he is dealing with while in the process of gaining citizenship in the Unites States, along what he is striving for and the injustices that are holding him back.

He gives an overall concluding comparison of the two countries 

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